In Midlothian, East Lothian and West Lothian we allocate 50% of our vacant properties through Home Search. This is a 'choice based lettings system'.

Anyone aged 16 or over can register and apply for housing. Applicants with a housing need can apply for a 'Priority Pass' giving a greater chance of being made an offer of housing. You must be registered before you can apply for properties.


You must be registered with Home Search before you can bid for our properties. 

Once registered you can:

  • Manage your own application
  • Apply for priority passes
  • Bid for properties
  • Amend your details

Apply for a property

When you apply for a property that you are interested in, this is called placing a bid. It is important that you only bid for properties that meet your needs, are the appropriate size for your household and are in an area you want to live.

If you are registered with us you can also bid for Homes for Life properties in East Lothian.

We allocate 50% of our vacant properties through a nomination agreement with the local authority. When we have a vacant property we contact the local authority who provide us with the details of someone who has registered with them for housing.

If you are interested in housing in Midlothian, East Lothian and West Lothian we would advise you to register with the local authority as well as registering on Home Search.


Social housing is in high demand in Scotland so it is not possible to say how long it will take from registering to being made an offer.

Our adverts run for one week. Adverts close and new adverts start at midnight on a Wednesday and you can apply for as many properties as you like.

When a property advert ends, we review the list of everyone who has placed a bid. This list is sorted in order of the applicants' priority.

We offer the property to the first suitable applicant on the list.


How to apply

If you would like more information please contact our Lettings & New Tenancy Team

Tel: 0131 657 0600