We are a group of customers who meet up regularly to review the services we pay rent for. 

Scrutiny of services

We encourage and facilitate this as part of our duty to involve tenants in the self-assessment or scrutiny of services and performance against The Scottish Social Housing Charter (The Charter)

We have successfully completed many 'inspections' on services. By successful, we mean that we have made recommendations which have been implemented.

Training and events

We have received training and support from the Tenants Information Services as well as attending their annual conference and other events. A few of us have also attended training at the Social Enterprise Academy.

What we scrutinise

Once we've decided on an area of service to scrutinise we then set out a plan. It's not all paperwork - we also do field work (which is a lot of fun and really interesting) and this has included: 

  • Visiting the Customer Service Centre in Preston
  • Interviewing external repairs contractors
  • Inspecting empty properties
  • Telephone interviewing tenants
  • Issuing surveys; inspecting common areas including stairs and landscaping

We also look at performance, interview staff, check policies, procedures and computer systems.

Join our team

We are always on the look-out for new members and we want to involve a diverse group of tenants to get wide ranging views.

You can get in touch with us by emailing PFPSScrutiny@placesforpeople.co.uk.