Give notice

You'll need to give us 4 weeks written notice before you want to move out. This notice must end on a Monday. Send a notice letter to your local office and call us for any advice or information you need. The notice must be signed.

Return your keys

You’ll need to return all keys – including flat/front door, back door, door entry keys or fobs, window locks, common area cupboard , electric cupboard, garden shed or gate, letter box, bin store keys or code and any other keys to our Hay Avenue Office before close of business on the termination date.

If you are posting keys we will provide you with a prepaid envelope, please make sure that you post keys in time for them to arrive on the termination date. We will continue to charge you rent until we’ve got all the keys to the property.

Leave the property tidy

We will make an appointment with you to carry out an end of tenancy inspection before you move out. We'll also offer advice on how to leave the property clean, tidy and in a good condition. 

You should also:

  • Carpets/flooring/gripper rods to be uplifted and removed;
  • White goods removed;
  • All furnishings removed including blinds and curtains;
  • All personal items removed;
  • All non-standard items removed and replaced;
  • In good decorative order;
  • Clean & tidy;  Gardens (and sheds if applicable) to be tidy and clear of rubbish;
  • Lofts to be cleared (if applicable).

At the end of your tenancy you may be eligible for compensation for any improvements you have made in your home. To check if you are eligible please contact the Voids team on 0131 657 0600.

If the property has not been left in a good condition, you may receive a bill with the rechargeable costs.

Tell your suppliers

Give notice to your gas, water and electricity providers. Make arrangements for final meter readings and payments. 

Pay your rent

We will advise you how much rent you need to pay before your tenancy ends. Make payments here.

Notice of termination